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A product vision is a long-term goal you are aiming for — The reason(s) for creating a product, the consumer end, and the overall purpose. It is more or less the essence of your product described from an overarching perspective.

Moreover, specifically within Scrum Teams, vision statements play an important role throughout the development process.

That is why we have curated this guide on product vision statements so that you can benefit from this document.

But before we get into the details, it is important to understand what constitutes a vision statement.

What is the Significance of a Product Vision Statement?

As mentioned earlier, “A product vision is the long-term goal you are aiming for — The reason(s) for creating a product, the consumer end, and the overall purpose. It is more or less the essence of your product described from an overarching perspective.” …

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There are good tips for cross-functional teams and there are bad tips, these are the former.

We have gone through all the ‘tips’ there are for such teams and selected the best ones for you.

Here are the selection criteria for deriving these tips:

  • These tips are realistic
  • They are highly practical
  • They can be adopted in a flash
  • The majority of the listicles have these points in common

Why Cross-Functional Teams are Such a Hit?

Before delving further, we need to talk about a couple of things.

Let’s start with a line or two on the definition of a typical cross-functional team.

Simply put, it’s a team consisting of people from various functional departments — having different skill sets and views. …

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Stakeholder engagement is a relatively new term in business. Yes, “Stakeholders” have been there since the dawn of the earliest IPO.

The concepts related to stakeholder engagement are slowly but surely gaining popularity on the other hand.

We will tell you exactly why.

If you think employees, vendors, customers, shareholders, regulatory/government agencies, even your competitors, play a vital role in a company’s success or failure, you can’t afford to miss a single word of this write-up.

What Is Stakeholder Engagement?

Engaging stakeholders implies that you are involving them in company projects/products.

If we go into a bit of detail, stakeholder engagement is all about interacting with the stakeholders and enabling them to share their ideas, views, agendas, and concerns with you. …

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Project management is a puzzle at best and a full-on enigma at worst. Even if you have been working in the field for a while, you can’t be sure about “Everything” related to it.

This is why we have the best collection of project management software’s to take care of all the different tasks and processes related to our projects.

But how to choose the best one?

Obviously, when there are so many different options, we are spoiled for choice.

So, to help you with the selection process, we are going to talk about two amazing project management applications that can help you easily manage different activities regarding your project. …

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A time tracking software is designed to let individuals and businesses to keep tabs on how long it takes workers to perform tasks.

One such software that has been adopted by many is RescueTime, RescueTime is a user-friendly time tracking and distraction blocking software, and therefore is a preferred choice for many organizations.

However, no tool is perfect, and with changing times, and greater options available in the market, companies are looking for RescueTime alternatives that will meet their specific needs.

In addition, there is a lack of payroll features as well as options to integrate to many other popular tools. …

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What Exactly is Agile?

Agile working is kind of like the denotation of the word: ‘Agility.’ It implies fast working, or anything done quickly while using the least amount of time and resources.

In project management, the concept of Agile working dates back to 2000. That is relatively new because experts are continuing to add to the subject matter.

Agile methodology is based upon dividing the entire process of work into smaller chunks or pieces. This helps the project team to work on small parts and improve them continuously before moving on to the next phase.

Working this way ensures two things; faster production of products and fewer errors in working. …

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As a professional who has spent more than a few years in the market, how many emails have you sent as of today? How about the email stats for the week? Wouldn’t it be better if you had a scheduling application to take care of all those emails for you?

To that end, here is an important question: Should we invest in a scheduling application that frees us from the burden of increasing sales by drafting countless marketing emails?

In this write-up, we will talk about the 10 best appointment scheduling applications that you can use for more than just sending plain emails. …

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What is a CRM tool and Why Use it?

A CRM tool can be any software from a simple contact management application to keep in touch with the different clientele of your business or a full-fledged project management tool with CRM capabilities.

These PM tools also have detailed solutions for the communication pipeline and many different billing features to keep on top of everything.

But if that isn’t enough, here are some of the benefits of using CRM tools for your business.

  • Increased communication between the company and the clientele
  • An increase in efficiency when it comes to staff and client satisfaction
  • A definite increase in teamwork and team…

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A project management plan highlights how the project will be performed, monitored, and controlled, beginning from the initiation phase, and going all the way to the end product.

Keep in mind that your project plan aims to define the method that your team will use to execute the structured deliverables on time.

To that end, the project management plan should also ideally include a process to measure the baseline performance analysis. Doing so helps to not only identify the weak areas during the lifetime of a project, but it also ensures long-term success related to future projects.

Difference Between A Project Management Plan and A Project Plan

The difference between a Project Management Plan and a Project Plan is not as clear cut as you might hope. …

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We curated this list of the best deals that you just need to grab. Let’s get to it!

When is Black Friday in 2020?

Every year as November comes to a close, arguably the biggest sale of the year starts. This year, Black Friday will fall on the 27th of November.

However, certain brands and companies use the Thanksgiving holiday to start their deals and sometimes extend for a week or so after as well.

1. nTask

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nTask is a project management tool that incorporates everything you need to streamline your project management through a single platform.

With this software, you can easily create and assign tasks, track the progress of those tasks, organize team collaboration, and help teams communicate with ease. nTask also offers meeting management, the ability to create timesheets, risk and issue management, and much more. …



nTask is an all-in-one online project management software trusted by smart teams to organize work. Sign up today — it’s free.

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