15 Techniques of Brainstorming for More Effective Sessions

  • First of all, for a productive session, get your whole team together to address or discuss the problem in question. It can also be a challenge or an interesting opportunity if you think that can create a more engaging discussion.
  • Ask your team to relax and to come up with random ideas but still being in the problem’s domain. The main issue in any brainstorming session is that many of the ideas get ridiculed and then left unexplored. So always encourage your team to be open and creative with their ideas because this is a safe space.
  • Be the judge of their ideas and listen to every single one of them. Once they have all had their say, choose the most appropriate ideas from the lot, related to your problem, and progress the conversation further.
  • It’s not healthy to select only one idea from all of them. Choose multiple ideas, so you can combine a bunch of them to get a single strategy that is the most effective or improve some ideas and take them as independent strategies. Your decision.

1. Brain Writing

2. Figure Storming

3. Online Brainstorming

4. Rapid Ideation

5. Round Robin

6. Starbursting

7. Mind Mapping

8. Stepladder Technique

9. Reverse Brainstorming

10. Gap Filling

11. Drivers Analysis

12. SWOT Analysis

13. The Five Whys

14. Starbursting

15. Collaborative Brainwriting




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