5 Best Online Project Management Courses to Start Your PM Career

As you can probably guess at this point that the world economy is not at its best, but it will get its lost glory back with the help of people like you. How? Let us tell you all about it.

We have the number of organizations increasing day by day at the rate of crazy but there is a massive shortage of competent people to charter those organizations out of rough seas towards salvation. We are talking about Project Managers.

These managers are the reason that the big organizations of this world are, where they are. Project Managers set the rules and make the whole organization follow them to gain success. This makes Project Management the hottest profession in the organizational culture nowadays.

Well, the work aspect and the control over the whole shebang is great but between us, the money is pretty sweet too (*Wink Wink*).

So, what options do you have if you are thinking about becoming a Project Manager? Well, you have the traditional route that will take you to school for a year or two, but the world is moving at such a fast pace that no one needs that much time to be successful nowadays.

So, the short version or “working by the cliff notes” approach to this is becoming a project manager through Online courses and certifications. But which one to pick, out of a billion in the market nowadays.

Don’t worry, we have you covered on that front. In this article, we will discuss the 5 most interesting project management online courses that you can throw your money at, start gaining projects and experience in the field of project management.

Keep in mind that these courses are designed for beginners and would never claim to make you Yoda of the Realm of Project Management. That said, these 5 courses are being offered by 5 reputable institutes that have a lot of experience in teaching project management.

Learn from the course(s) and become more confident in your shoes that would help you ace any interview or PM project that falls in your lap.

All of these courses are targeted towards the digital world so don’t expect to be trained to manage skyscrapers, but they will still give you a prominent idea what field you want to pursue after you finish the beginner course. Let us now take a look at those courses.

5 Effective Online Project Management Courses for Beginners

1. Essentials of Project Management Series

This course is an amazing 13-module long at a cost of $400 which is a bargain considering the number of topics it covers.

Provided by the Project Management Institute themselves, this course will teach you all about starting Project Management, an explanation of the whole project lifecycle that includes all of the key terminologies that are used in the project management paradigm.

This course will also take you on a learning journey that will help you gain knowledge about the project constraints that are generally involved in the development lifecycle in addition to a comprehensive overview of the 47 project management processes that can make or break a company.

You will also be trained by the famous PMI with the help of the famous book “ Project Management Body of Knowledge” that is commonly known as PMBoK. This will prepare you for the CAPM exam, which is a project Management exam for the position of Certified Associate.

This course is On-Demand that means that you can access the course material whenever and wherever you want. What more do you want?

2. Project Management Fundamentals

Offered by the company Ed2Go, this course is accredited by the Project Management Institute, so you know it’s no slouch.

At a price of $149, you’ll get a proper intro to the most essential techniques and practices of the project management paradigm, a comprehensive list of lectures from the famous PMBoK and a chance to get yourself certified by giving the CAPM exam.

This course is on-demand for 6 weeks, in which the Students of this course will learn how to plan, prepare and execute a project development process perfectly from the very first step which is the project kickoff meeting all the way to the last step that is risk management and the quality assurance.

Quite a bargain, wouldn’t you agree?

3. Improving Your Project Management Skills: The Basics for Success

This is the most expensive of the 5 courses mentioned in this article. Provided by the company American Manager’s Association, this course is accredited by a PMI Registered Education Provider.

At a hefty price of $2,195, the duration of this course is 3 days in which the company will provide you a proper hands-on project management workshop that will give you first-hand experience of working as a project manager.

This workshop will cover all of the project management tools and techniques in addition to all of the best PM strategies that are being used in the market right now.

Students will also gain a complete overview of all of the core PM concepts and terminologies that are used by professionals in the field every day like Gantt Charts, Work Breakdown Structures, Critical path analysis, ways to manage all of the stakeholders associated with the project.

The will also teach you how to estimate the project timelines effectively and defining all of the details like the project scope, risk assessment, schedule and the budget for the project. The Price is steep but that’s a lot of useful information you need for your Project Management career.

4. Project Management Fundamentals

Provided by the New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, this online PMP course is accredited by a PMI Registered Education Provider. With a duration of just 2 days, this course is a tough one, but If the instructor is competent enough, what is time anyway, right?

At a price of $395, the students will learn all about project management from the very first to the last step of the whole process (planning to the project closeout).

The attendees will learn how to determine the risks associated with the project, How the project is planned, what variables are needed to be determined for a successful project, how the project is supposed to be scheduled, which costs are associated with the project and what ultimate steps are needed to book a successful project.

5. Basics of Successful Project Management

Last on the list is this online pmp course provided by SkillPath which is accredited by a PMI Registered Education Provider. This course also has a duration of two days like the last one and tackles much of the same stuff that does.

At a price of $399, this course is designed to teach the beginner level project managers and the accidental project managers that haven’t excelled in the field much, alike.

Students will learn all about the constraints and factors associated with the project management paradigm, learn about deadlines and project milestones, learn about the potential problems that commonly happen and how to manage and keep track of the projects happening in the organization.

If you want to learn more about what project management is and what everyday problems and solutions are involved in the whole project management paradigm, visit nTask and read the project management blogs. GET TO WORK.

Originally published at https://www.ntaskmanager.com on February 20, 2020.

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