How to write an effective business case study?

Wanting to know how your business is going to turn out in the future, has become a mandated requirement these days. Although founding and starting a business has become more of a common ritual these days, very few people actually succeed in the long run. The best way to do that is with the help of case studies.

Business case studies have crucial importance in the development and functioning of a successful enterprise. They have an incredible impact on the marketing aspect of your business if they are done the right way.

An element of this important needs time and effort to be properly beneficial for a business, and surely when you get it done, it can prove to be a fantastic way to grow your business and earn new clients.

Having difficulty writing one? Want to learn how to write a business case study that will be beneficial in boosting your ROI? If yes, then let us take you through the whole creative process.

What is a case study?

A case study is a precise slab of effective marketing content that can attract future clients to do business with your company. It outlines the success and effectiveness of the business enterprise and can be properly used to highlight how accomplished the agency or the individual has been in the past.

Nowadays, every efficacious online company uses case studies to their advantage. It helps them build strong bonds between the business and the clients.

You may think that a case study is just a piece of narcissistic marketing material generated to boast about the success of the company, but that assumption is wrong. Business case studies are not produced to stroke the ego of the company in question, but rather how they can benefit future clients.

How to write a successful case study for your business?

There are some important steps involved in writing an effective business case study which is discussed as follows:

  • There must be a significant challenge included in it to be fulfilled, like a tight timeline, low sales projections or even a new software integration.
  • Your case study should include a satisfying relatable solution that the customers can connect to.
  • The final element that should be a big part of your case study is the benefits. It should contain relatable benefits that should hook the client into trusting your strategy. The best benefits always include solid statistics.
  • You should choose your voice accordingly. The write-up language should either be in the first or third person. Most cases use a combination of both because of it more relatable.
  • Make your title very specific because it is a very critical element of the case study. It should be attention-grabbing and should ideally include percentage and tough action verbs.

Strong titles, keep in mind, work well when they are accurate and that’s why a major chunk of marketing titles you see online have titles including “by 1000%” and “double yearly revenue”.

Most writers include corporate-speak and heavy words into the writing which is a wrong technique and you should keep it simple so that the large majority of the client base can easily understand you.

Just use realistic accurate numbers because phrases like “Increased signup rates by a billion percent” are just lame.

A case study is not where you screw up and leave out an important part of your pitch and fail to leave an impact on your future clients.

While there are many standards for information to be included in your case study, the general convention is to include your phone number, website, your social media handles (at least 1 or 2) and your email address.

Simple things like textboxes or pie-charts about sales or any other services of the company can make all the difference.

That can mean using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or another type of platform like YouTube or maybe have it published in a podcast format.

What are the possible benefits to learn how to write business case studies?

There are some amazing benefits associated with learning how to write case studies if you put in the time and effort. Some of these are mentioned here as follows:

Just like any written material like a book or a novel, a good case study should have a beginning, a good middle, and an amazing ending. It’s also an amazing procedure to educate clients about any complex products.

  • Case studies also provide an incredible customer satisfaction level that just isn’t possible with conventional corporate writings. They provide a peer-to-peer influence that is very beneficial for the clients to connect to the product/ company at a human level.
  • Another benefit of a business case study is that it offers an amazing array of real-life examples which helps the clients to feel more comfortable and relaxed about choosing your services in the future.
  • The best part about the information provided to you in a case study is that it is true.

As companies are required to ask permission before disclosing any specific stats about a particular client, so if the company is harmlessly boasting their numbers then they are the real deal.

What if you hire a specialist to write a case study for you?

There is nothing wrong with hiring a professional for writing a case study for you if you are busy and don’t have the time to write one yourself. There are just some minor components that you and the writer should get cleared first before starting to work on the project. Some of these are as follows:

  • The result (different statistical percentages, direct quotes from the customer, and facts about the company/ products are helpful here)
  • The deadline for the case study should be set and any relaxation on it should also be discussed
  • The specific way you went about resolving the problem
  • Word count should be properly discussed as per requirement
  • The products, goods, or services you’d like the case study to promote
  • The benefits you provided for the client
  • The struggle the client faced should be properly described in the case study to include a human touch to the study and sound less like a corporate writeup

Final Thoughts

So, all in all, case studies are a wonderful tool to boost content marketing. They can help your clients to understand the actual benefits of your services but also, case studies can be an incredible platform where you can make new clients see your products as well.

By following the upper mentioned tips, you can easily learn how to write business case studies from the beginning to the end and how they can be a simple and elegant solution for all your content marketing headaches to bring new clients on board and boost ROI.

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Originally published at on August 26, 2019.

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