Project Baseline: An Overview From Agile Project Manager

  1. Quality benchmark, as quality increase the project cost.
  2. Project schedule, as making timeline adjustments increase the project completion time.

Importance of project baseline

Components of Project Baseline

Benefits of setting project baseline

  1. Improved performance assessment: The project baseline provides a standard to measure the progress of the project. Not setting the project baseline will make it difficult to measure your key project metrics.
  2. Better project estimates: Setting the project baseline will give you the capability to estimate the project scope, schedule, costs, and benefits. This also tells you if the project has over-performed or under-performed. This estimate can give key figures to help you create the plan for your next project in setting a benchmark.
  3. Help in measuring the earned value of the project: The earned value gives you the ability to compare the planned project performance with the actual performance. It also equips you to get the trends and forecasts on the project discrepancies.

How to create a baseline for your project plan?

  • What are your project deliverables, with key milestones and dependencies?
  • What do you want to achieve from your project?
  • What problem do you need to solve with your project?
  • What are your project resources?
  • Identify the work that needs to be done?

A kick-off meeting for the project

As it turns out:



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