The 6 Best Job Apps to Get You Hired

5 min readFeb 25, 2020

It’s the year 2020 and we are addicted to our smartphone like people were to drugs in- …well always. It’s the grimmest truth we are facing as a global community nowadays. From ordering a Pizza to buying a house, we have a specific app for everything in the palm of our hands. Searching for a job is no different.

These days, you have a lot of different platforms that let you apply for a job instantly rather than you going through the yellow pages or looking through newspaper listings for the job you want. You are not even required to log in to your computer to do all of these things anymore, which was quite important in the last decade.

Instead, there are a lot of amazing applications designed for all types of devices around you that let you stay connected to all of the people that are in your work domain and find the perfect job on the go.

Are you on the hunt for finding a job too? Let’s look at the 6 best applications on the market right now that can help you find the perfect job in no time.

6 Best Job Apps to Get You Hired

1. LinkedIn

According to recent statistics, more than 77 percent of recruiters all around the world rely on LinkedIn to find the perfect candidate for the job. This application is amazing job search software that is perfect for you if you want to network with the relevant people in the organizational paradigm, sharing important professional news and interacting with all of your co-workers.

Basically, this application is Facebook for the professional world.

The first step you take when you start looking for jobs on LinkedIn is to set your profile to the mode “open for opportunities”. This will let the recruiters know that you are looking for a job and with any luck, you will start receiving job opportunities right in your inbox.

You can also set up alerts for any jobs that match your search criteria and you can put multiple filters on those alerts to find you the perfect jobs you want.

If you want to take your LinkedIn game to the next level and want to know all the job-related intel like Salary insights and stuff, then you need to sign up for LinkedIn premium and believe us, it’s worth the money.


  • Free
  • LinkedIn Premium: Starting at $29 per month

2. CareerBuilder

If you are looking for a job these days, then you might have heard of the website If you want a mobile version of that website, they have an amazing app for it as well. The user-friendly interface of this application grants you instant access to millions of job postings that you can apply on.

You can put filters on your job searches like qualifications, education, and experience among many others. The application will even notify you when someone views your application.

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3. Snagajob

Regardless of the type of job you want like part-time, full-time or freelance. Snagajob is the app for you. From the moment you log in, you will have instant access to countless job listings, and it would even match specific jobs to your resume to make the process a lot easier.

The application is fitted with an amazing one-click apply feature that lets you apply for the job instantly. It also enables you to show your personality to the recruiter by letting you answer a personality quiz. You can also attach a video resume to your Snagajob profile.

4. JobAware

If you like to slack off during the process of finding a job and you want the application that would organize the whole process for you then JobAware is the best app for you. This application is famous for aggregating the appropriate job listing for the user through Indeed which lets you search job openings by location and the relevant keywords.

The most unique feature of this app which you will find nowhere else is to set a priority for the job you are looking for. So, for example, you have an interest in different fields, the application will let you filter all of the jobs in different categories like dream jobs, second jobs and third jobs.

5. Indeed Job Search

If you are a regular user of the website, then you will love their application for your mobile devices. The application itself is an amazing one with over 1.2 million positive ratings on the Apple App Store.

The functionality of the software is the same as that of the website which lets you search for millions and millions of jobs in a matter of seconds. You just have to input the keyword and location and apply for them straight for the application.

6. Glassdoor

One of the best applications in this article is Glassdoor. It is yet another application that lets you search for the jobs of your choice and apply to them effortlessly. The unique feature of this application is that it provides different insights within the interface that are priceless.

These insights include company reviews and salaries and the benefits of different salaries for a specific role all around the world. You can set up push notification that will make your device buzz whenever you get a response from the recruiters.


The process of searching for jobs has always been a tedious one because it consists of a lot of different factors that need to be looked at before you can even hope to find the perfect job you want. Apps, however, make that process a bit easier.

With the right app, you can put in different variables related to your job search and it will present the most relevant jobs according to your criteria.

Although, every application is different and might not fulfill all of your needs and requirements, but the pro tip that you would probably get from any professional is that you should try out all of these applications to get the most attention to your job application. Happy Hunting.

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