What are the Project Management Tools that are used for effective Project Planning?


Project Management Tools

A Minor Overview of Project Management Tools

What are some of the basic features that a Project Management Tool offers?

  • Planning or Scheduling: The most constructive feature that you can use while using Project Management tools is to plan or schedule the activities and tasks. It is required for the success of your project. You can plan and delegate work to all of the team members in a single place with folders, calendars, workflows, templates, tasks, and subtasks.
  • Collaboration: Emails are no longer the single form of communication when it comes to transferring information among team members. Project Management tools can be effectively used to add comments on tasks, organize dashboards, assigning tasks and also for approvals and proofing.
  • Documentation: When the team or the project managers are working on multiple projects, there are bound to be some blunders where some files can get lost and there is no way to recover them. To avoid these mistakes, project management tools offer features like storing files, versioning them and also editing them which will save you from any mishaps.
  • Evaluation: These tools also provide functionalities like reporting and resource management that help the project managers to assess and track the growth and productivity.

What are the tools in Project Management that are used for effective Project Planning?

1. Network Diagrams

2. Critical Path Method

3. Gantt Charts

  • The start and end dates of a project
  • What are the project tasks
  • Who are the team members involved in each project
  • Who is working on each individual task
  • What is the duration of each individual task
  • How all of the tasks are linked or are they dependent on each other

4. Project Evaluation and Review Technique

5. Work Breakdown Structure

6. Project Documentation




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