What I learned from Dexter about Managing Tasks?

Source: Dexter.Fandom

If you haven’t seen Dexter already, you should reconsider.

What sets it apart from the other shows is the character Dexter himself.

He’s a family guy, loves his kids, works with the Miami-Metro Department and is extremely organized.

But he’s also a serial killer.

Balancing both sides is a great deal of work. And he manages through it with a code to live by.

The way he pulls off his psychological criminal inclinations all the while being the guy next door, there are some serious task management lessons we can pick.

Research and more Research

Dexter makes sure he knows everything about the target in view.

He researches and finds out everything he needs to. Even now he has to carry out the murder, impeccably.

Make sure you are well-informed. Not only about what you want to do but also about how you will achieve it.

Be Perfect at your Job

You need to be excellent at what you do. Like Dexter is.

Which is why people trust him and need him.

Learn to improve your ways and don’t let the daily routine stagnate you.

Stay Organized

The only way Dexter can be a good guy in the day and a serial killer at night is through his code.

His discipline. He is organized and does things on time.

He’s meticulously clean and is extremely vigilant about not leaving any evidence behind.

Being organized can make daily life easier.

Did you know a poll with workers showed that 27 % of workers said they feel disorganized at work?

91% of those workers said they would be more effective and efficient if their workplace was more organized.

Show Flexibility


It is important to live by a code but life doesn’t. So, be flexible when you need to be.

Make sure you focus on your aim and not just the daily routine.

If at any time, you feel something isn’t right. Re-analyze everything.

That’s the only way to win in the longer run.

Stay Positive

Harry, Dexter’s adoptive parent taught him the code.

He also taught Dexter to use his killer instincts in getting criminals off the streets. Something positive.

Not every day is easy and fruitful. For days that can put you off, try to think positively.

Use the negative feelings and turn them into energy to do something worthwhile.

Be Patient

No matter what your craving, stay patient. Wait for the right time if you have to.

There’s no point in fretting over delays or problems. Stay focused on what you need to achieve.

For Dexter, the most important thing is to never get caught.


Being productive and staying at the top of your job is crucial.

But that doesn’t mean leave your social life behind.

Go ahead and mingle about with people. Learn to unwind and connect to them.

That’ll also keep your information up to date.

Like to share your thoughts with us? Let us know what you learned from Dexter, in the comments below.

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